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A Letter from Norm


I’m Norm Childress and would like to work for you as a Yakima County Commissioner.

My wife of 38 years is Sandy. I have one daughter, Cara. I have one son, Josh and grandson Sebastian.

I am in my 26th year as an elected official in Grandview, serving my 14th year as Mayor.

Let me say first, that I believe we have accomplished many great things during my time as Mayor. Teamwork and critical partnerships account for our success. We have a great team of dedicated staff and consultants as well as hundreds of volunteers working together to make Grandview great. We have had City Councils that have supported local projects while being fiscally responsible to make sure our citizens’ money is spent wisely.

  • We have supported Grandview’s port commissioners in their efforts to bring industry to the Grandview Port property. We work hard to provide the Port’s infrastructure needs so we can all succeed.
  • I led our team to partner with Yakima Valley College for the construction and operation of a new locally controlled Library.
  • We constructed a new community and senior center.
  • We have made many improvements to our parks as well as to our city entrances.
  • The “Downtown Alive” project has revitalized and beautified our central business district.
  • Wastewater treatment plant improvements have been made to support current and future industry needs.
  • Swimming Pool improvements have been made at time when many communities have closed their municipal pools.
  • Many major and local street improvements projects have been completed.
  • We are currently working on a major street lighting improvement project.
  • Public safety is always a top priority. Crime rates in Grandview are low.
  • Maintaining efficient, cost-effective services for the lowest possible rates is also a key priority for me.

Revenues have been down and needs are many. I think our team has done a great job of finding funding opportunities with very little local money (taxes) to help enhance people’s quality of life in this community .

I have lived in Yakima County my entire life and have enjoyed working with people up and down the valley, serving on many Boards and Committees. With my 37 years working for Benton County and 26 years serving the citizens of Grandview I have developed a variety of skills that will help me succeed in the role of County Commissioner for the people of Yakima County.

Norm Childress